What is Neuroscience?


The diagnosis and treatment of disease is one of man’s last frontiers… uncharted territory ripe for new discoveries and dramatic breakthroughs. One of the most complex medical arenas is neuroscience, where physicians and scientists struggle to unlock the mysteries of the brain and central nervous system.

Physicians in Winthrop’s Institute for Neurosciences are pioneering the use of technologically advanced approaches for diagnosis and treatment, including computerized imaging systems, state-of-the-art surgical interventions and the latest generation of medication therapies.

The NYU Winthrop Hospital Neurology Team of highly trained and experienced neurologists, specialized nurse practitioners and experts in biophysics is exceptionally skilled in the diagnosis, evaluation and management of acute and chronic neurological diseases and disorders.

Using a wide range of leading-edge diagnostic technology, our outstanding clinical staff offers patients the most current and effective therapeutic options in collaboration with the Divisions of Neurosurgery, and Neuroradiology, ensuring that they receive a broad spectrum of advanced multidisciplinary care for acute, as well as chronic and debilitating conditions.

The Division of Neurology is also actively engaged in clinical trials in several areas, including:

Through highly regarded programs and services, our neurology specialists provide expert and compassionate acute and chronic care to inpatients and outpatients with a wide range of diseases and disorders affecting the nervous system. In addition to offering ongoing neurological care, they are available for consultations with patients and physicians, including other neurologists.