Hospitalist Neurology

Neurological disorders are diverse, complex and also very common. They affect nearly 50 million Americans (one in five) per year and cost the nation over $600 billion in direct and indirect costs each year. Hospitals have been under pressure for decades to reduce unnecessary admissions, which means most patients who do get admitted are sicker and in need of more complex decision making and care planning. Patients with neurological disorders tend to have higher rates of complications such as confusion, pneumonia and death when they are admitted to the hospital. For older patients, almost any hospitalization can result in a decline in cognitive abilities — even if cognition was seemingly normal before, and even if the hospitalization was non-critical. As our population ages, more and more of us will find ourselves in the emergency room in a neurological crisis. The need for specialized testing, diagnosis and treatment is imperative. NYU Winthrop Hospital recognizes this need to be cared for by experts in inpatient neurologic care; hence the creation of a neuro-hospitalist service.

Neuro-Hospitalists are neurologists in the Winthrop Neuroscience Associates who are skilled at diagnosing and managing a range of neurological issues including: brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, migraines, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Stroke, muscular dystrophy, Bell’s Palsy and others. Long-term management of these often-chronic conditions focuses on meeting each family’s individual needs for care and support.

The neurohospitalist service has multiple roles:


  • Providing 24-hour Inpatient Care to patients with primary neurological disorders
  • Providing 24-hour hospital based consultation services to the Department of Emergency Medicine, various primary care physicians and specialists who request assistance for patients with neurological symptoms and complications
  • Providing acute stroke management services to over 700 patients/year who present with symptoms of stroke
  • Meeting with family members of patients to discuss neurological diagnosis and prognosis and to provide advice and guidance about how to best care for their loved one.


  • Providing teaching to 3rd and 4th year medical students at Stony Brook University School of Medicine
  • Providing teaching to Senior Residents in the Internal Medicine Residency Program
  • Providing lectures and Grand Rounds presentation to the Medical Staff and House Staff

The Neurohospitalist Service  is staffed by highly-experienced neurologists who are adept at providing cost-effective and world class care at Winthrop. Graduates of prestigious training programs from the Neurological Institute at Columbia University Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the Neurohospitalist team consists of the following board-certified neurologists::